Blog update

Hello everyone,

A quick post and blog update.

This blog will no longer be updated and has now closed.

New Blog – New beginnings

I am still blogging and crafting and I have now set up a brand new craft blog which you can find HERE. I hope you can join me on a new crafty adventure. It would be great to have your company.

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The masquerade ball

Hi everyone,

Another digi project this evening. As there are enough horrors around at the moment I thought I would make a fun spooky project to mark the date.

Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus

I’ve just realised, I have a similar hair cut as this gal! It’s not that easy to cut your own hair. Have you seen those locked down hair cuts videos on youtube. They are so funny. I like the bits on the videos where they say “cut into the ends to add texture its easy”. Mmmm… it didn’t quite work out how I imagined it would.

Some of you already know about this. My hair cutting experiment started about 8 weeks ago. I thought what the heck who is going to see me and who really cares anyway. Preparation is key! I looked at loads of youtube videos on hair cutting and thought how hard can it be! That was the first mistake I chopped a bit here and there. I was aiming for a short funky cut…. a bit like Judy Dench but it turned out more like Jason Donavon from the 80’s!!! Yep, the “mullet”. So I chopped a bit more and a bit more. In my delusional state I thought not too bad. As luck would happen it didn’t take long to grow, unfortunately, not that evenly. I thought no problem, I am an old hand at this now!! Yep still delusional I will have another go and just trim it up. Not having learnt the first time, I tried some more of the “texturising” but that wasn’t the worst. I found the thinning scissors!! Oooo! New tools I thought! I got very excited at the prospect. With a gleam in my eye (a rather manic look if I am honest) and in the belief I could pull off some really short trendy look….I chopped and chopped some more……OMG It’s such a mess!!!! LOL! I quite like the spikey fringe though. Oh, yes, that was another technique I learnt cutting up into it. Would I do it again? Absolutely! If only for a giggle. It’s been quite liberating really. Has anyone else succumbed to a DIY lockdown hair cut?

The thing is. You know all of the silly little unimportant things that we seem to worry about…lose sleep over in fact. They really are not that important.

Have a great weekend. Do something daft and have a laugh. For me, I am going to practice my new found skills on Freddie!! 🙂

Thank you for looking.

Stay safe,

Flo x

The Watching – Digital Art

Hi everyone,

Thank you lovely ladies for your comments and kind words on my last post.

A little spooky project to share today. I started this a while ago and sort of lost interest in it and filed it away. I think, because I thought it was a bit “brown” to be honest. Anyway, last night I was checking through files and I was going to start a new project and I remembered this one.

Jackdaws are funny little birds. I love watching them in the garden. We do get quite a few and a lot of rooks. The Jackdaws remind me of little sneak thieves…..little pickpockets!! 🙂

credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus

I added more and more layers until I was happy and I now like the earthy tones. Isn’t it funny how some colours seem to suit one day but not others. I love pastels but never enjoy making anything with them other than soft fabric projects.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

Bella Berry- Decorated embroidery hoop

Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going well.

We have been getting the office ready to decorate and whilst sorting through “stuff”, I found this little project I made last spring for the Craft Stamper. The magazine is no longer being published and as it was several months ago, I thought I would share the project today.

I was given the hoop to use but I added a small mdf circle to back.

I painted and stamped onto the hoop and the backing circle and glued them together.

I used some paperartsy jofy stamps for the project. I made the little girls legs longer and turned her shoes into little boots.

The main focal images were stamped onto card using staz-on and coloured with acrylic paints.

That’s it from me. I am off for a coffee and then I need to finish some projects I have been working on.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

Day Trippers – Fun Pages


Hi everyone,

Well what it year it has been so far. I thought I had better post something else this year before my blog subscription run out! 🙂

I haven’t been crafting at all for the last few months but I decided yesterday to have a fun day and escape into crafting with paints and stamps. I had been having a sort out in the old craft room recently and found some stash I had forgotten about so that got me started on what I wanted to make. I also wanted to try out one of the new Sharron Bates stamps and see what other CI stamps I could mix with it. Actually the answer is that Sharron’s stamp designs, because of their size and the line work on them, go well with all other Crafty Individual stamps.

Anyway, This is the result of yesterday’s play time.

Before the vans were added.  I just remembered to take a photo in time.

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with these pages. I couldn’t quite work out what I was going to do with the top of the page.  I decided to add the tickets. They fit in with the travel theme but they also remind me of car number plates so I thought that would work with the vans.

I stamped the people and tickets on some very thin note paper, coloured them with water colour crayons and glued them down. The colours are quite vibrant because I gave them a coat of mod podge.

Love these little people stamps from Crafty Individuals. I think they work brilliantly with the new cool van stamp.

I found these waxy water crayons in my stash. Had them for years but never used them much. Cheap as chips but they work great on pages especially the black for a grunge look.

The vans where stamped onto thicker card and coloured with acrylic paint.

I did take a lot of photos just to show the stamping on the background.

Yes, unashamedly 🙂  I am show casing some of the contemporary mark making stamps I designed for Crafty Individuals. Even though I say it myself I love them.

and the last one just to show some of the tickets in more detail.

I used all Crafty Individuals stamps for this project and they are as follows. Do check out all of the new stamps from Sharron Bates. They are fablous.

CI 444 Better Than A Princess
CI 459 Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses
CI 402 Just Be My Friend
CI536 Ticket To Ride
CI 546 Camper Van Cool
CI 272 Seaside Treasures (stars)
CI 541 Fried Eggs
CI 542 Mismesh

Well thats all from me today. Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

Altered Embroidery Hoop – Vintage Blue

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments left on my last post. What I should have said on that post is “It’s for you” is the old fashioned way of saying “Got Text”!!!

I was recently introduced to altered embroidery hoops. Those are fun!! New obsession starting me thinks!

This is one I altered. It wasn’t what I had planned at the beginning so half way through I had to change ideas and try and make things fit but I am happy with it. I used scraps of fabric and kept to four colours of paint so it was an economical project to make.


For the base of hoop I used a scrap piece of curtain lining. I know I have said it before but I find it great for stamping onto. I did coat it with gesso first. When the gesso was wet I pushed some mesh into it which you can see in the top left hand corner  and behind the little girl circle above. I stamped the little girl and the script using blue paint and added the circles using a plastic top dipped into some paint.

I stamped and cut out the embellishments and sewed them on to the base fabric. I find this leaves the layers a little bit, I don’t know, bouncier if that makes sense and not so flat. I added a bit of gel medium where necessary afterwards. I did put a bit of cotton wadding behind the little girl piece so it stood out a little. It did make a different. I did make a mistake and put the fabric in the hoop, tightened it up, glued it at the back and then did the sewing. Of course it all stretched and went saggy. Luckily I managed to pull it apart, put the fabric back in and stretched it tight again.

I painted the hoop itself with my fingers and added some paint marks to add a bit more interest.

The wreath is a die cut which I cut three times, glued the pieces together and then painted it.

Crafty Individuals Stamps used:

Imagine Child CI 101 – Had this stamp for years. You can tell by the code number it is an oldy. Love it. Such a beautiful face.
French Script CI 017 – Another old faithful. This stays on my work desk.
Four Postmarks CI 124 – Another oldy but much loved.

The paint colours I used were French Blue, Cream, Brown and White.


Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

It’s for You!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and your week is going well. Wednesday already! I only know its Wednesday because its bin day. I sort of loose track these days.

We had a lovely lunch out at our local pub this afternoon. A good time was had by all. I didn’t feel like starting any jobs when we got back so I thought I would finish a little digital project that I have been playing around with.

I would really like to do some collage projects. Time permitting!  Proper old style cut and paste. For no reason really other than I enjoy it.  I have a few ideas in mind.  Something that interests me at the moment is painting over the layers as I am going.  Anyway, instead of wasting loads of paint and making a mess I thought I would try it out digitally first and this is the result.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus and Tumble Fish Studio.

Rose – Digit Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today.

Autumn is definitely here. Not sure I am keen on these early dark nights except for the fact that I can play on the computer and not feel guilty about it.  The weather is a great excuse to get out certain chores isn’t it! 😉 “I can’t start the painting and decorating because I need the windows open and its far too cold” or “It’s far to wet to get out and clear the paths and gutters”.  I am Just being lazy really!! he he.

Anyway, so taking full advantage of the weather conditions (Note the new positive attitude to things!) I played around with some digi elements. This is “Rose”.

I bought some deep frames from the charity shop a couple of weeks ago. They are quite scratched so I will have to paint them but I thought I would make some digi art to go in those.  Or maybe I can get the pieces printed onto canvas. We will see. You never know I might even hang them up when I have done the painting and decorating!!!! 🙂

As per tou: Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x


Elephant Hanging Decoration

Helloooo to anyone calling in today.

A quick post today. Crafty Individuals are on Hochanda Tv Craft Channel today – (please see details below). They are launching some amazing new stamps designed by the very talented Ellie Mulligan. I have already posted some sneak peeks over on my card making blog here.  Also featured on the shows are a few of Linda Edwards Illustrations designed stamps. They are a firm favourite of mine and have been so for many years so its nice to see them on show. All of Linda’s designs can be seen here on the CI website.

This is a project I made for the show samples.



For the little stamped discs I used coated card stock, black Staz-on and diluted ink to colour. All of the discs have been spray fixed to give them a glossy finish.

I made 7 decorative discs but to be honest 5 would have looked nice. The size of the decorated discs are probably not far off an ATC coin. Actually this stamp set would make a lovely set of coins.



I also made a box to put them in.



I used a stencil and Memento ink to decorate the sides of the box.

For the lid panel, I have used most of the stamps in the set.  I used a black permanent ink and cream card for the base and coloured the image with Distress Inks and with diluted inks. I sprayed the lid piece three times with a fixative to give it a really nice shiny/glossy finish.  In real life it looks a bit like an enamel tile.




It wasn’t until I was sorting through the photos that I thought it would make a nice box to pop some flavoured tea bags in and give as a gift. Ooo! Great to decorate a wooden box. Might need to make one of those 🙂

I also thought that this image, by changing the colours, would be lovely on a gift box and a card for a baby or new Mum. So cute!

Crafty Individuals Stamps used –  Sweet Elephants and Swirl Multi Elements Set CI351.


CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS HAVE TWO SHOWS ON HOCHANDA TV TODAY 1st OCTOBER 2019 AT 8 A.M. AND AT 3 P.M  UK Time. You can also watch the shows on the Rewind facility on the Hochanda website.
The lovely Jean Hardy, owner of Crafty Individuals, will be launching some new stamps and doing some fabulous demonstrations.

Thank you for looking.

Flo x

Design Team Member for Crafty Individuals.

Nature Warrior – Digital Art

Hellooo to anyone calling in this morning.

Looks like Autumn has arrived folks. Time to light the fire, put the heating on, eat comfort food and snug up with a good book. I do love this time of year when the leaves are changing and darker nights….perfect excuse to stay in.  As you all know I am a bit of hermit.

Anyway, last night I thought I would play with some digi images and here is the latest creation “The Nature Warrior or should that be Nature Warrioreessor.  A bit of a mouthful that one.

I really like her in the duller colours but I was playing around with blending. Experimenting really because I don’t know what I am doing and this was the alternative.

As per TOU – Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus.

That’s all from me today. Thank you for looking.

Flo x


A box of butterflies

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and not suffering too much in the heat wave that has hit the UK.

I had forgotten a few projects I made for Crafty Individuals a while ago, I think back in April, so I thought I would write a quick post and share a few over the next week.

Here is today’s little project. Nothing earth stopping or sensational but it was easy and fun to make.

and then when opened

The outside of the covers and topper of this little book is some old packaging covered with pretty CI paper.

I also used half a sheet of pretty paper and stamped some script and postage marks to make the folding page.

Crafty Individuals stamps used: French Script CI 017 and More Vintage Ephemera CI 469.

Crafty Individuals papers – Ride the Carousel.

Thank you for looking.

Stay cool.

Flo x

Mini Fun Book

Hi everyone,

I have just been rudely awoken by the smoke alarm.  5 a.m!!  What is it thinking. Not sure what set it off. I have had a good look around.  I smoke like a chimney but not even a murmur from it.  Well I am up now so I thought I would post this book thingy.  Not sure what to call it. A journal is going to far.  Lets call it a “fun with paint book!”

I was given the book by Crafty Individuals to use for samples for the Hochanda show last month.  I took half of the pages out, decorated them and then glued them back in to the remaining pages.

All the pages have been decorated using Crafty Individuals’ mini images, stamps and paint.


I used a die to make a foam leaf spray stamp and used it on the gelli plate to create the background and added the mini image, small frame and postage mark.

I used a TH boarder die to make a foam stamp for this one. Added some plastic lid circles, some credit card lines, paint splatters and used a die to cut out the mini image of the butterfly.

Same as the last, I used a TH die to make a foam stamp for the gelli plate, circle paint rings, paint splatters and I used a die to cut out the mini images.

This one shows the die cut foam stamp better. I really like using them on the gelli plate. I cut the shape out of one piece of foam and then glued it to another blank piece of foam.  Crafty Individuals mini image and stamped words.

I used CI mini images and Stamp sets Build a Meadow CI 395  and  You Are A Star CI 469. 

Gelli plate background, plastic lid circles and credit card lines with a die cut Ci mini image.

I used a gelli plate and stencil on the background and then mini image, blank frame and words from You are a Star Stamp set as mentioned above.

CI mini images, words from You Are a Star and floral pattern created using Inky Borders CI 451.

Gelli plate and stencil background. Mini image bumble bee and using stamp sets: You Are A star CI 469 and More Vintage Ephemera CI 469,

Sponged lines and credit card lines plus a mini image.

Gelli plate and stencil background, mini image plus CI stamps Inky boarders and Your are a star as mentioned above.

Gelli plate stencil and foam stamped background with plastic lid circles with the addition of a mini image and some stamping using CI Inky Borders and You Are a Star.

Geli plate background using a stencil and stamped with CI Inky Script Background CI 436, a mini image and a few scraps.

That’s it! Yey! It’s like when you go on holiday and keep saying are we there yet!  Finished!

Thanks for looking. Have a fantastic weekend.

Flo x

Mixed Media Concertina Book

Hi everyone,

A little concertina Book project to share today featuring some old and new stamps from Crafty Individuals which were featured on the CI show on Hochanda TV this morning and yesterday. If you didn’t see the shows, do check those out on the  Hochanda website. There is a rewind facility. Super duper demos from Jean Hardy and the CI design team made fantastic projects. There was even a carousel….amazing!

For this book there are a lot of photos. I decided to photo each half page and some times in the middle but if you can imagine it is a concertina book all in one and decorated on both sides.

All of the stamps used on this project are available HERE.


For the base I have used craft card. I was surprised at how well that took paint. I bought it for card making but to be honest I couldn’t get on with it.

All of the pages have had a coat of gesso and then painted with acrylic craft paint.

The texture has been created using stencils and gesso. I do like texture paste but for this I wanted it to dry quickly so I used gesso.  Also, some times texture paste can make the card buckle depending on the thickness and quality of it.

Some of the circles have been created using various plastic bottle and pen tops dipped in paint. The straight lines have been made using using the edge of a square die dipped in paint. A ruler or credit card will do the same. Anything that is rigid.

I used Black Staz-on for the stamping. Normally an Archival ink is better to stamp with onto a painted surface but the staz-on worked ok.

Thanks for looking,

Take care all,

Flo x



Orbital Tuesday

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. Isn’t the weather glorious….Wow! Thank you everyone for your comments on my recent posts both on this blog and on the card blog.

A quick little post today day to say “Hi” really.  A couple of months ago I decided to incorporate some of my past digi work onto this blog rather than having a separate blog for it. This piece was created back in 2016.

This piece was made up from digi elements which I purchased in kit form.  It’s a bit like digital collage.

I suppose this is my sort of journalling really.

As per TOU –  credits for elements: ItKupiLLi Imagenarium Mischief Circus.
Please note I have no connection with this company.


Thank you for looking.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Flo x